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Primer congreso de la diáspora venezolana en Miami. Mayo 2019

Gracias por suscribirte como conferencistas. info@accionvenezuela.org / Tel: +1786-306-5677

Acción Venezuela

Miami, Florida, United States

Nos vemos en Mayo de 2019


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


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Our documental / premier MARCH 2019

Repression in Paradise is the first feature documentary that follows the experiences of protestors, politicians, resistance members, and state police, through the Venezuelan Rebellion of 2017.

This documentary is a dramatic tale of the experiences of brave kids, heartbroken parents, opposition leaders, and even state policemen willing to risk their lives to speak the truth.

Venezuela needs that we all be united

About Us



   Our vision is to become the first Non-Governmental Organization of Venezuelans abroad that brings together the majority of organizations, associations, groups and individuals inside and outside of Venezuela, with the unique and universal purpose of requesting and promoting humanitarian intervention and the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.



Venezuela was once one of the richest countries in the world. It is currently the country with the largest oil reserves, yet, it is experiencing hyperinflation and a massive economic crisis the likes of which are hard to grasp. For comparison, the Great Depression hit the United States with a GDP of -22%. Venezuela’s current GDP is -36%.

Food and medicine are hard to come by, which has led to people having to resort to scavenging from the trash to survive. The monthly salary in Venezuela was a down to a mere $60 a month when I started working on this documentary. Today, a few months later, it is at around $20 a month.

Our mission:  is to gather, associate and strategically concentrate non-governmental organizations, foundations, groups and any other form of civil society organized abroad for the purpose of unifying agendas and establishing roadmaps in favor of the restoration of democracy in Venezuela . To turn the Venezuelans into exile in spokespersons and representatives who denounce in an active and sustained way the extreme poverty, oppression, persecution and forced emigration that currently exists in Venezuela. Demonstrate to international justice, the United Nations (UN) and the government of the United States extreme poverty, the violation of human rights, oppression, persecution and other crimes against humanity that occur in Venezuela. Request the aid and the immediate rescue of the country, through a humanitarian intervention with the correct application of international treaties, mechanisms and pertinent sanctions. Rescuing Venezuelans from active abduction by the regime that violates human rights and achieve the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.



  • Main objectives
  • Meet with the directors, founders, and leaders of the rest of the NGOs that are present in Miami, FL, in order to achieve the majority association.
  • Capitalize on civil society abroad, which has been called Diaspora Venezolana, in order to reproduce the request for aid and the demand for humanitarian intervention
  • Carry out the first Civil Society in Exile congress in Miami, FL to unify the objectives, mission, vision, action plan and activities that allow us to act in favor of humanitarian intervention in Venezuela, with the participation of all NGOs and their representatives who want to join the project.
  • Join the Venezuelan civil society in the main cities of the world.
  • Create campaigns to request help in traditional and digital media.
  • Request the immediate humanitarian intervention in Venezuela to international organizations and governments, such as the UN, the OAS, and especially to the government of the United States,
  • Achieving the supply of basic services, food and medical attention to Venezuelans immediately the intervention has been achieved.
  • Restitute the rule of law in Venezuela.
  • Participate in the creation of a transition plan that involves civil society, once humanitarian intervention has been achieved.


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